While we have no specific educational qualification requirements for our volunteers, interested participants should have scientific aptitude and basic computational skills. Also since the main focus of the group is on organising the published data, an avid interest in reading scientific articles and journals is highly desirable.

We at OpenPGx are always in need of volunteers who can help us collect and manage the vast pharmacogenomic data. As the scientific work and publications in this field increase, there is an even greater need to analyse and organise the ever increasing information which would provide all users with a “one point, open access” database.

Let us know you are interested in participating in OpenPGx

Irrespective of whether you are a Bachelors, Masters,student or a Doctoral or Post-doctoral candidate, you could take part in one of the ongoing activities at OpenPGx. If you have an interest in reading research papers, you could take part in the ongoing data-curation efforts, or if you have a deep understanding of a disease process, you could join one of the special-interest groups.
Join us in our endeavor by signing up at the links provided.

You could contribute in the endeavor by carefully reviewing and curating the data annotations and participate in developing evidence-based treatment guidelines.If you are a specialist, you could participate in one of the Special Interest Groups or organize one in your area of interest.

We would be keen to have you build novel applications and software that make use of the data, annotations and resources generated as part of the OpenPGx collaboration.